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Uncovering what’s really going on with Administrative Professionals Week

A few months ago my grocery store was hit by a flurry of Hallmark cards wishing a “Happy Administrative Professional Week.” What’s the deal with honoring administrative professionals with an entire week of acknowledgement?

(For those of you already in the know and more sophisticated than me, feel free to roll your eyes. If you’re oblivious like me, read on…)

As you might have picked up on from watching Mad Men, the secretarial profession in the United States is closely tied to the 

women’s rights movement. The field was originally male-dominated but became female-dominated by 1930 thanks to women accepting lower wages (cough* still fighting over that one). As women gained the ability to protest being “office wives” and not lose their jobs for protesting, coffee became a battleground for women’s rights, as did the term “secretary” itself. In 2000, “administrative assistant” replaced “secretary” in the field’s national association.

Seeing the Hallmark cards take over the grocery store card aisle made me think about how essential administrative assistants are - in almost every field. We need maintenance workers - blue and white collar - if we want to innovate. As performance artist Mierle Laderman Ukeles asked in her Maintenance Art Manifesto of 1969: “After the revolution, who is going to pick up the garbage on Monday morning?”

(While I think about it, trash collectors merit their own week as well. Maybe that’s another post.)

So next April I’m going to get (or make, since I’m the DIY type) some snazzy cards for my awesome friends who’re administrative assistants. In the arena of hierarchical, male-dominated work, they’re doing significant work to not just keep on the gears in our larger society, but move forward women’s equality. And I am grateful.

Enhancing Professional First Impressions

Well, I’ve recently realized that when you’re on the job market, qualifications don’t tell the whole story.  In some industries, such as the IT and Healthcare fields, everyone is qualified with technical skills!  So what in the world do you do to make yourself stand out??  Here’s a few really cool tips and tools you can use to really make your application stand out.

Online Portfolio: Keep one with examples of your work!  Obviously this is mostly applicable for web designers, but anyone can use one to highlight what they do best.  Your resume might say what you can do, but in a competitive market, presentation is everything.  Here’s a few online portfolio tips to really make yours look great. Import your career history and let the site generate amazing visuals (similar to infographics) promoting you and your skills!  If you’re lacking in the creativity department, this can be a very creative job application idea.

Network: Networks. Are. Everything.  Sometimes they can even be your primary doorway to a job.  Sometimes it’s hard, especially if you’re not the extroverted type; but nonetheless in this day and age it’s necessary.  Here are some tips for networking more effectively.

For more tips, check out those links! Or share your own in a comment!

The Future of Nursing

There are so many reasons why nurses love their job, why wouldn’t they? They have a job helping others, good pay and flexibility in days/hours worked. One of the other perks licensed practical nurses enjoy is an ability to choose a distinctive nursing career path from a broad array of options. This benefits not only nurse’s initially entering into the workforce but also seasoned nurse’s with a desire to change work atmospheres during their career. When we consider how the needs of an aging population will change over the next few years, we find that areas for growth in nursing opportunities shift for LPNs.

Some of the projected potential jobs for nurses include;

Nursing care facilities (non-exclusive to the elderly)

General medical and surgical hospitals (private)

Offices of physicians

Home health care services

Community care facilities for the elderly

In the years to come, LPNs will have the option to shift from working in traditional nursing care facilities and hospitals to home health care and community care facilities for elderly. These options come from the predictions of an anticipated rise in care required for aging baby boomers. LPNs can use this information now in their current positions or schooling to determine which skills they need to develop for not only the work environments they find most appealing, but for what the future has in store for their profession.

Why Are Gas Prices Higher, Depending on Where You Live?

I ran across this article why gas prices are higher from FleetCardsUSA discussing why gas prices seem to be getting higher depending on where you live. The article discusses why there are large discrepancies worldwide and nationwide and how much of this can be attributed to supply and demand, natural disasters, taxes and geography. 

The article also how these rising gas prices are tough on businesses who rely on transportation to provide services. The article offers some tops for businesses who are looking for more fuel management solutions to help control and manage their business. Whether a business owner, a driver by profession, or even just a vehicle owner, knowing pricing differences can help you understand what you are paying for in this fast changing industry, what options are available, and even helping to improve efficiency. 

I suggest reading this post as I found it to be very interesting.

Fleet Fuel Cards

I ran across this article about fleet fuel card and how these cards help fleet managers can employ one of the most powerful fleet service tools available for managing fuel costs and controlling budgets

Fleet fuel cards are designed to give fleet managers control over spending through carefully engineered features. For example, fleet managers can restrict the types of purchases cardholders make, and regulate the day of week and time of day fleet cards can be used. They can even take control of critical situations remotely with the ability to stop the flow of fuel at the pump in real-time!

The article mentioned that managers have been able to actually stop fuel at the pump to prevent drivers from accidentally adding unleaded gas into a diesel-powered vehicle. 

Read the rest of this article and more about fuel economy and fleet control at FleetCardsUSA. 

Framing Your Resume

Not sure how many of you out there are working on your resumes, but I am constantly trying to improve mine and move up the corporate ladder. And I came upon this article and thought it might be a good resource for some of us job hunters.

So the article talks about how to improve your resume for sales jobs. Although the article is originally written for a salesperson, I read it and gained a lot of insight from it. The article suggests reevaluating the life experience you probably have, but aren’t sure how to frame for your resume. I don’t know, I just thought I would share it with you since I thought it was applicable to several different occupations. 

Life After Graduation

So, to all of you that I know just care oh-so-much, I’m so close to graduating and becoming an RN!!! EEeeeeeeeee!! Lol. Anyway, I was lurking on some sites and found this article that talks about the changes that occur after you get done with school and the stuff that nursing school couldn’t teach you.

I particularly liked the part about interpersonal conflicts. You hear all the time that nurses eat their young, and I have been nervous about that for awhile. But the article said that it’s important to recognize that those nurses aren’t doing it to be mean, they’re doing it to keep the quality of patient care high, and honestly, isn’t that what we would want someone to do for us or our kids if we were the patient? I can’t really blame them for that. Anyway, the article just brought up a few good points like this and I thought I would share it with you guys just in case anyone else is a little stressed about the transition from school to work.

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend, I am certainly looking forward to mine! :)

Everyone loves IT. Information technology is responsible for your iphone and connecting you to friends and family. Your hobbies like Facebook and Pinterest, yes it is called a hobby if it occupies your free time and you enjoy it. Your job if you are in the career field of computer science, accounting or perhaps even retail, your job most likely directly or indirectly relies on IT. 

So I am giving a shout-out!

The Happiest Jobs in America - 9 Facts About Software Testers

Every so often IT job seekers stumble upon a tech job listing they’ve seen dozens of times before but have opted to bypass. Perhaps the job title sounds boring or doesn’t match the person’s background. But then somebody shines a new light on that job, such as bestowing it the Happiest Job in America, and suddenly that tech job listing deserves a closer look. Software engineers are among the most satisfied employees. In case you don’t know, here are some unknown facts about these happy engineers. 

Job candidates are not required to possess a college degree.

The starting salary is quite good. Some earning more than 85k per year and 20/hour.

The job-growth outlook indicates favorable job security.

Software testers play an integral role between business and development teams.

There are three types of software testers

  • Functional Testers evaluate a program’s suitability for meeting business objectives (see FACT #4)
  • Performance Testers evaluate a program’s ability to stand up to extreme conditions
  • Specialized Testers evaluate a single aspect of a program

Quality Assurance Engineers do more than just test software.

The best software testing practices include both automation and a human hand.

The most essential skills for a software tester include…

  • Analytical thinking
  • Written communication
  • Attention to detail
  • Judgment

 The most essential knowledge components for a software tester include…

  • Operational aspects of computers
  • Computer programming
  • Business development
  • Design practices


Avoid the Axe - Don’t Make These Rookie Mistakes

We all make mistakes - it’s just part of life. Errors, oversights, and misjudgments help mold us into smarter, more experienced professionals - assuming we learn from our blunders. Most companies practice a degree of tolerance for mistakes made by brand new employees during the first couple months on the job. But there are some mistakes that managers of tech workers cannot pardon. Make sure you don’t make these few mistakes and you will most likely stay in good graces. While most are fairly common sense, they still make the list.The Oops List for Rookies

Behave inappropriately on social media channels

Compromise the security of private information

Steal company-owned hardware or software

Use company phone and/or computer for financial gain

Lie on your résumé

Harm the company’s network infrastructure

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